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colour help

Colour Help

Finding it hard to decide on what colour to do ? ready for a change? or just not too sure on what the different between Balayage and Ombre is, let's talk about it…….


Highlights are sections or strands of hair that are dyed lighter than your base colour. The main purpose of adding highlights to your hair is to brighten up the overall colour of your hair and add softness and dimension to it, - lowlights go in completely the opposite direction. They involve picking up a few thin or thick sections of hair and colouring them in a shade or two darker than your base colour. 


This free-hand highlighting technique the stylist strategically brushes, or 'paints' colour onto the surface of selected hair strands (sometime foils are used as well or a back combing technique ) This creates soft and natural "sun-kissed" highlights that blend easily into the natural colour. It's a great way to add subtle brightness to the hair. The result is a beautiful colour with a softer regrowth. Balayage is not always the best option for women with dark dark brown or black hair, unless you're going for a light brown, caramel, or red result. 


Ombre is a technique used to blend two different hair colours seamlessly. Ombre is when the hair colour gradually fades from root to tip. Depending on what you are looking for, it can still look from natural to quite dramatic. The really good thing with Ombre is how easy to maintain it is!  You don't have to worry about redoing your roots as often as it fades nicely, and will still look natural. When booking for your favourite stylist, make sure you are very clear about exactly what you are looking for, express how soft and natural you would like your Ombre to look! Easy as!

Root Smudge and Colour melting  

So what is root smudging exactly? It’s a lot like what it sounds…smudging colour at the root of your hair to help it blend better and hide the line of where the highlight begins and ends. Colour Melting is a technique that blends the highlights with the base colour of the hair so you don't have any harsh lines it's all about that soft gradation effect, regardless of whether you're getting blonde highlights or pastel hair colour.

Fashion Toners 

You have to have blonde hair to make the colour show up. Start out small, like with Ombre or highlights, or go all in with your full head. Your skin tone helps you choose what colour to try. It's hard to choose between lavender or pink, but your skin tone can guide you. -If you have red tones in your skin, go for cooler shades like blue, grey, green(mint) or lavenders -If you're very pale, warmer shades like pink, rose gold, Beige and orange (gold) will look amazing.” Just remember you can be a Neutral skin tone too.

Semi-Permanent Colour

Semi permanent colour, also called hair gloss, simply adds colour it doesnt contain ammonia. Semi-permanent colour can't lighten hair It only deposits. Normally washes out over a period of time (six to 12 shampoos, depending upon the formula), If you don't like the colour, you don't have to live with it for too long.

Permanent Colour

Permanent hair colour has to grow out. It won't wash out. If you want a more dramatic change (two or more shades darker), a permanent colour is a better option. It's also the best choice for covering up grey hair. It is much harder to get out of you hair if your decide to go light in the future.