Frequently Asked Question

  • Do you offer consultations? Open or Close

    Do you offer consultations?

    Yes Of course! We want to have a chance to get to you know and your hair. We want to talk about your ideas and where you want to take your hair and we want to bring your hair dreams to reality! But, it’s important that we trust each other, and that we discuss expectations around what can be achieved.

  • What products does The Hair Boutique use? Open or Close

    What products does the Hair Boutique use?

    Schwarzkopf Professional - Salon exclusive hair colour.
    Suppliers of - Igora, Vibrance, Blonde me and Fibreplex

    We are proud to be a Schwarzkopf Professional Salon, We absolutely love their colour line and hair care range! I (Emma) have worked with Schwarzkopf for 9 years and feel completely confident their colours will all ways deliver especially the Blonde Me range. We all know it is a product we can always trust!

  • How long will my service take? Open or Close

    How long will my service take?

    We are a team of perfectionists. The level of quality takes time, and that time depends on what service you are having. Generally colour appointments that include a cut and blow-dry are approximately 2-3 hours. Where colour corrections, Balayage and Full heads of foils (especially baby lights) can take 3-4 hours. We can discuss this in your consultation. 

    We promise it’ll be worth it. Good things take time.

  • What if I'm Late to my appointment? Open or Close

    What if I'm Late to my appointment? 

    Your promptness is greatly appreciated. Arriving late will simply limit the time for your service/treatment and you will be responsible for full service fees. Your stylist will do her best to accommodate you as long as you are no later than 10 minutes. It may be possible for another stylist to assist you. But, if you are later than 10 minutes, and there is no other stylist available at that time, then you may be asked to reschedule.

  • Can I bring a friend with me to my service? Open or Close

    Can I bring a friend with me to my service?

    No, for safety reasons and insurance purposes, No one but your self can attend your appointment, We unfortunately don't have the room and extra people in the salon can be a hazard.

  • Children in the salon ? Open or Close

    Children in the Salon 

    Yes but there are rules we need to follow, We love children, as most of us have children of our own but we cannot assure their safety in the salon, Due to the use of hot tools, sharp tools, and chemicals on the salon floor, we ask that NO children be present on the salon floor when not receiving a service. This includes in strollers, empty salon chairs, or on your lap.

    We also do not want to compromise the relaxation and salon experience of our guests. 

    Children are only permitted in the salon area when having a service. Children 12 yrs old and younger need to be with their guardian when receiving a service, Guardians are not allowed to leave their child unattended or in the care of a stylist or other staff member. 

    For safety reasons and insurance purposes, no child under the age of 12 may accompany you while you are having a service. We do not have the facilities nor the room to care for children.

  • How long does a toner last? Open or Close

    How long does a toner last?

    A toner should last up to six weeks; depending on how frequently you wash your hair. We can recommend take-home products to maintain the freshness of your colour.

  • Should I bring photos of hair styles I like to my appointment? Open or Close

    Should I bring photos of hair styles I like to my appointment?

    Yes Definitely, Especially if it’s your first time to the salon for a cut or colour, and you are after a specific look/Style please bring photos or pictures of what you want. It helps us determine if that style is right for you and to make sure we are both on the same page.

  • Can I book online ? Open or Close

    Can I book online ?

    Unfortunately not, we have tried this in the past and it hasn't been successful. We do welcome you to call, private message/facebook or email us for bookings 

    *Please note private message on Facebook and Email booking are sometimes not attended to straight away we try to be as responsive as possible.

  • Do you use Olaplex ? Open or Close

    Do you use Olaplex ?

    We use Fibreplex instead, you may not be familiar with “Fibreplex” but you most probably have heard of Olaplex which is a similar product. But here is why we chose Fibreplex over Olaplex.

    While Olaplex is a stand alone brand, Fibreplex is made by Schwarzkopf our highly Trusted Professional brand we use in salon. 

    “Fibreplex is Schwarzkopf first technical service to significantly reduce hair breakage during the lightening, (high-) lifting or colouring.

    “Fibreplex means no compromise on development time, lifting or neutralisation and is fully compatible with all professional colour systems.”

    We have tested both products and find we get more lift with Fibreplex as it does not dilute the colour.

    Fibreplex is added into all our blonding services as part of the cost as we like to achieve maximum lift without compromising the hair (it is not optional to take Fibreplex out of any of our blonding services).