Meet the team

Emma Smith 

In Salon: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Hi I’m Emma. I am the proud owner of The Hair Boutique and a senior stylist. I started The Hair Boutique in 2015 since then it has rapidly grown into a busy modern salon that caters for everyone and their hair needs. I have been a stylist since 2005 and still absolutely love it! I have a passion for education, training and following the latest trends. I like to take every opportunity I can to up skill and get new creative ideas to bring back to the salon to share with my amazing staff and valued customers. I want to make sure my staff has all the knowledge they need to create amazing hair and to keep their passion alive for this wonderful industry. 

I enjoy all aspects of hairdressing, but my heart is definitely with colour work. I specialise in Balayage, Ombre, major colour corrections and blondes. Photography is also an interest of mine, I love to take photos of our work in the salon and display it on Social media . *You can check it out on our Facebook or Instagram account.

I currently only work 3-4 days on the floor, I find this a great balance as I have a wee boy named Cooper who is 2 years old. Life is super busy been a Mum, A Partner and Business owner but I love every moment of it. My goal is to continue to have a fun, fresh and modern salon, where my staff and clients feel right at home. Check my work out on insta Emma_TheHairBoutique

Bidi Holani

In Salon : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays

Hi I’m Bidi Holani and Hairdressing is a huge passion of mine, the way the industry has evolved over the years keeps the fire burning for me to want to learn and achieve new goals. I thoroughly enjoy colouring, Blonde colour work, and creative cutting. I also have a creative flare with hair ups and pride myself in any work that I do.  I am a fully qualified senior stylist With over 14 years experience in the industry.  I believe that there is always something new to learn and I love keeping up with regular training and techniques.

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Courtney Maling

In Salon : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays

I'm Courtney, and I have been hairdressing for 12 years now! I am a senior stylist at The Hair Boutique.  My favourite aspects of hairdressing are doing shorter ladies cuts, and subtle natural colours that enhance a client's natural colouring. I enjoy the puzzle of figuring out what my clients like and dislike and giving them an in-depth consultation to achieve their desired look. I also enjoy hearing about my customer's adventures and daily happenings.


Elisha Pennington

In Salon : Thursday, Friday and Saturdays 

Hi my names Elisha, I have 7 years hairdressing experience.  I work as a senior stylist doing a bit of everything cutting, colour, styling and hairups. My passion is colouring especially creating beautiful blondes! The best thing about my job is having the tools to make people feel and look incredible. The team here at The Hair Boutique are amazing we all work together to be the best we can everyday creating a positive vibe in the salon that our clients can relax in.

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Becks Fisher

In Salon : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (late night), Friday and Saturday  

Hey I’m Becks, Im a senior stylist at The Hair Boutique, I’ve been hairdressing for close to 7 years now, I love the fact that I have a skill that I can make people look and feel fabulous. I love the variety within hairdressing I enjoy cutting and colouring,but can’t go past a fresh blonde so satisfying.
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Sue Cook Salon Coordinator

In Salon : Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays

I'm Sue the salon coordinator - The friendly face at the desk and usually the first point of contact. I’ve been working in the hair care industry for 25 years as I'm a people person and love the close contact in a salon environment.  My job in The Hair Boutique makes it a pleasure going to work every day. I enjoy making people feel good and love seeing their smiling face when they leave.

Hannah Morton

In Salon : Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays 

Hi I’m Hannah, I am Senior Stylist with 5 years experience. I love all aspects of Hairdressing, but if i had to choose one it would be creative colouring. I enjoy working with the team at The Hair Boutique and working in a fresh clean modern salon. 

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In Salon : Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 

Hi I’m Tegan, I’m one of the salon assistant at the Hair Boutique. You’ll be greeted with a smile by me Sunday through to Tuesday! One of my favourite parts of my job is meeting so many friendly clients and being able to be apart of such an awesome team!